Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Utah Wasatch Snowbird Mountain Tours

Utah Wasatch Mountain Tours
Come with us to ride the mountain tram at snowbird summer resort. We take the tram to 11,000 FT to the top of the Wasatch mountains. The mountain wild flowers are so amazing to see. Lots of colors and great wild flower smells. Take photos of the mountains, wild life, wild flowers and lots more.

Snowbird ski & summer resort
Old gold mining tunnel that you can walk through the Wasatch mountains.

The Wasatch mountains are part of the rocky mountains. Utah               Rocky mountain wild flowers are so amazing and smell so good.

Walk through the wild flowers on he way to the gold mine tunnel.

The air is so fresh you can smell the pine tree, flowers and mountain scrubs. 

Utah is a hidden paradise and you will fall in love and never want to leave, lots of outdoor activities and the best snow on earth.  Book Your Tour Now (801)654-6763